The Music of Matt Jordan
  • A Cowboy Out Of My Time
  • Demons Get No Sleep
  • Blood Brothers
  • Go Tell Him, I Am
  • I Have A Heart
  • I Hear The Border Calling Me
  • I'll Stop And Smile Awhile
  • Jungletalk
  • Kansas Fields
  • Long Distance Love
  • Metalman
  • Miracles
  • My Friend Joe
  • Patmos
  • Teardrops In Her Coffee
  • Waiting Online For Your Love
  • War Again
  • Wild Horses
  • You Kept The Heart Of Me

  • About Matt Jordan
    Music ©1997 Matt Jordan          Artworkę1997 Bruce Satinover            Design©1996 MIDIWORLD

  • About Matt Jordan

    Matt Jordan was well known throughout the central states as a Gospel recording artist in the late 1970's and early 1980's. Creating his own independent label, he received national air time with his Gospel music and did television performances and concerts while touring. He now owns a studio within his home and composes for radio and television,has a demo service, a mail order music catalog, and assists others in their pursuit of a music career. Matt hosts the "Composers Coffeehouse" for America Online each Sunday evening, ecouraging and teaching others how to get into the music business. His quote: "Get your music off the shelf."

    Matt is a prolific PC-based composer from Kansas and writes anything that comes to mind.