The Music of Kenneth Jonsson

Polyrhythmical Orgies

About me:

I'm a composer from Sweden with roots in both Jazzrock traditions and the classical tradition. Instead of describing the music in theoretical terms it's easier to point out my influences. They are: J.S.Bach, Conlon Nancarrow, Steve Reich, Steve Coleman, Gentle Giant, and Stravinsky to name a few. All the music on this page is experiments in rhythmic structures, polyrhythmic, polymetric and polytempic. My intentions have been to create complex rhtythmical music in a harmonious way regarding the tonality.

The Music

A more ordinary piece with an extraordinary violin player. An odd octet for an odd ensemble. This is one of my first fugues. It is a three part fugue with
polymetrical elements, in this version some other instruments are added. A polytempic piece for Flute, Basoon, 3 Pianos, 3 Vibes, Marimba, Bass, and Percussion. A polymetric piece for two pianos where one of them plays the percussion part with his feets. A soft polymetric thing for 2 Pianos. A polytempic studie arranged for Piano, Vibraphone, and acoustic Bass.

Three short studies :

All MIDI files were edited with the YAMAHA S-YG20 soft syntheziser and sound best with that device. (It's freely downloadable from this page)

Visit my other page and listen to my Bach interpretations :

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