The QS Software Library

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DOWNLOADS: SoundBridge | Serial Driver | Alesis Sound Editors | Freeloader | System Exclusive Specs. | QS Schematics | QS Service Manual

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Cakewalk Instrument Definitions (INS) Files for the : Each (INS) file zipped, with instructions included.
QS Patch Comprehensive editor for the Alesis QS 6, 7, 8, 6.1, 7.1, 8.1 and QSR synthesizers. (Windows)
Cakewalk Studioware Panel for the QS7/QS8
Mixermap for Cubase VST - Mac format - by Dorian May
Read the description
Download the Mixermap in ZIP format

NanoSynth Patch Map for Voyetra Digital Orchestrator or MIDI Orchestrator by Tony Chevalier
All patches can be selected by group and auditioned in the selector window. Also, it maps the controllers properly to allow full panning, effects, volume, etc. from the sequencer window and/or controller keyboard. Reverb and chorus settings are both available and independent effects.
MIDIUtil Small utility, that lets you monitor one MIDI input port and send out MIDI messages.
Created by Red Fox.

QS Card Wizard Small utility that lets you create disk images of QCards and write them back to other cards.
Created by Red Fox.

QControl Windows 95/NT shareware mix editor for Alesis QS series synthesizers.
Created by Geoff Moehrke

NanoSynth patch names file for Opcode Vision
(all 4 banks including the default user bank) from Sal Orlando Mac version (nanosynth.sit)
Windows version (

QS SoundEditor Pro Editor for Alesis QuadraSynth family of synthesizers for Win95 and WinNT. 32 bit editor/librarian for the QS6, QS7, QS8 and QSR synths.

QE Plus !
The new Universal QS Editor/Librarian for Windows is now available !
Download the free demo, and register the full version at the QE Plus Page !
Alesis QS6, QS7, QS8 and QSR System Exclusive Specifications : Simple HTML page or Acrobat (pdf) format Nano.sea.hqx - Emagic Logic Environments for Alesis / Mac Logic (Mac) Environments for NanoBass, NanoPiano and NanoSynth. Created by : Andy Cherna (
Alesis QS7/8 driver for the Steinberg Cubase Studio Module. It contains some macros and instrument bank names. From Jan Eriksson
Alesis.sea.hqx - Emagic Logic Environments for Alesis / Mac Created by : Andy Cherna ( This file contains the Logic (Mac) Environments for the following Alesis products :
  • S4+
  • QS+Piano
  • QS-6
  • QS-7/8
  • QSR
  • DM-5
  • D-4
  • BRC (16 tracks)
  • Q2
  • Midi&Microverb IV

Roland Serial Port Driver for Windows 95
    This is a self extracting archive, containing a serial port driver, and instructions. If you're having difficulties with the Alesis driver, this may be a good alternative.

Alesis Serial Port Driver for Windows95/98 Version 3.04 (2/6/99)
  • supports the Alesis QS6, QS7, QS8
  • supports direct high speed connections to the QS7, QS8
  • Works with Windows 95 and 98
  • includes complete documentation of all parameters, installation instructions for both 3.1 and 95.
  • Download it now !

Sound Bridge for Windows, v 3.0.1d2
    This is the current release version of Sound Bridge for Windows.


  • improved timing efficiency for better processing and speed during download of data. These improvements also facilitate much faster download times when using the Alesis Windows Serial Midi Driver with the QS7 or QS8 at higher baud rates. -
  • a sysex bank (bulk dump) can now be loaded into a project and downloaded to the card along with sample data. This program bank will appear in the synth as an additional card bank of programs. This feature will work with the Quadrasynth Plus, S4 Plus, QS6, QS7, and QS8.
  • standard midi files can be loaded into a project and downloaded to the card along with optional sample data and a program bank. The feature to playback the sequences is currently only available on the QS7 and QS8, and also the QS6 with version 2.0 upgrade !.
  • complete with online Windows Help File
  • Download it now !

Sound Bridge for Macintosh v 3.0
Freeloader (PC)
    MIDI / Sysex utility for Windows

Freeloader (Mac)
    MIDI / Sysex utility for Mac
    QuadraSynth MIDI system exclusive specifications (for advanced users)
    Alesis QS6 MIDI system exclusive specifications ( for advanced users)

    A Windows macro-recorder utility for quick saving and loading of a COMPLETE QuadraSynth MIX. Read the Instructions for details. ( From Paul Swennenhuis )

Excel spreadsheet for the QS I've been playing around with QE and my QS7 a lot this week and I've noted that while it's nice how QE2.0 pulls up the names of programs and mixes from the sysex file, it may be difficult to remember what's in there if you're without QE2.0 and a computer and have a bunch of sounds dumped into your user bank.

Anyhow, to make a long story short, I came up with a very simple spreadsheet in Excel to remedy the problem. It uses two sheets, one to go over what's in the program banks, and another to get into more detail about the program's settings. The second page is automaticly updated when you enter in on the first page. I'll keep working on it and adding to it, but I thought it'd be good to see what people thought of it.


Christopher Wall

QS Schematics
    This is a PDF file containing the circuit diagrams of the QS 6.1, 7.1 and 8.1 (probably useful for the QS6,QS7 and QS8 as well).
    Requested by many, uploaded by Narfman. Thanks!

Alesis QS Service Manual
    Service Manual for the QS models, in PDF format.
    Another very useful contribution by Narfman. Thanks!

S4 Plus .INI File for Voyetra's Digital Orchestrator Plus.
    This is a .INI file developed for the Alesis S4 Plus and Voyetra's Digital Orchestrator Plus.
    Developed by Allan Metts ( December, 1996
    Zip file, includes instructions.

QuadraSynth Patch-Name Database
    A Database for Quadrasynth users. Can only be used in MS Access for Win95. Open Form Total Names. Data also as .xls file. I want to try and combine this with the ability to transfer the selected patch when a button is pressed, but have not yet any idea as to how. Have fun

    MIDI player utility for DOS.

    Arp-X8 is an "octal arpeggiator", which uses the input from a standard MIDI keyboard to produce up to eight simultaneous, independent melodic lines.

Seq-303 (Version
    Seq-303 is an analog sequencer emulator for Windows 95 and NT. Not just a simple MIDI file player, Seq-303 is a musical instrument, that faithfully recreates the look, feel and sound of a voltage-controlled instrument.