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Upgrade Options

The QuadraSynth and the S4 module used to be upgradable to "QuadraSynth Plus Piano" and "S4 Plus" for an average price of : $299 (QuadraSynth), $199 (S4 module).

Since upgrade kits are no longer available, the following information is provided as comparison between regular and upgraded QS and S4. There are many upgraded QS and S4 synths out there, if you want to buy a second hand unit, you may be interested to know what's the difference between old and new.

Here's a list of the new "Plus" features:

(See also the Specs Chart below)
  1. Additional samples in internal ROM: While both units keep the 16 megabytes of samples found in the original QuadraSynth products, the new QuadraSynth Plus Piano adds 8 megabytes of samples (including the samples found on the acclaimed Grand Piano Quadra Card, the S4 module adds 4 Mb of various GM oriented new samples.
  2. User sampling capability: The new QuadraSynths have the ability to "burn" any SampleCell instrument files (including Sound Designer I and II and AIFF samples) to a PCMCIA Flash RAM card using Alesis Sound Bridge software (included) for Windows and Macintosh.
  3. New and improved effects processing: The same designers who worked on the acclaimed Alesis Q2 effects processor have used their skills to enhance the powerful onboard effects found on the original QuadraSynth.
  4. Four times the preset memory: The original QuadraSynth products contained one Preset bank and one User bank, for a total of 256 Programs and 200 Mixes. The QuadraSynth Plus Piano and the S4 Plus module provide four preset banks in addition to the user bank.
  5. Able to read program and mix banks directly from QuadraCards: The new QuadraSynths can read program information directly from a RAM or ROM card in the Sound Card slot. You don't have to download a bank into the User bank before playing programs or mixes stored on the card.
  6. MIDI Bank Select: The QuadraSynth Plus Piano and S4 Plus respond to MIDI Bank Select commands (Controller 0), so a sequencer can instantly access any program or mix in memory, without the user having to change banks manually.
  7. Improved keyboard action: You'll find that the new QuadraSynth Plus Piano has a more weighted and "cushioney" keyboard feel. (This new keyboard will not be available through an upgrade.)
  8. Additional Quad Knob performance control: The Plus software adds new capabilities to the four Quad Knobs. Instead of just changing programs, the Quad Knobs are now active both as MIDI controllers and as real-time performance controls.
  9. Enhanced MIDI volume and pedal control: The Pedal 1 input on the QuadraSynth Plus Piano now defaults to control the master volume of the instrument, and sends out MIDI Volume (Controller 7) commands if enabled.
  10. New RHYTHM Sound Group containing forty-four rhythmic synth/percussion loops locked to the 48Khz sample clock. These are useful both for creating grooves as well as for adding moving textures to programs and mixes.
  11. Enhanced user interface makes it easier than ever to program and recall sounds; the 10-key section has added secondary functions in Edit mode that allow immediate access to program, mix and effect parameters.
  12. General MIDI compatible: Both of the new QuadraSynth Plus products are now fully General MIDI compatible, including 15 GS drum sets.
  13. Program Remain: When you switch from program to program while sustaining a note, the previous program won't be cut off.
  14. Master keyboard enhancements: In Mix Mode, the QuadraSynth Plus Piano keyboard can transmit independent MIDI Volume and Pan messages on each of 16 MIDI channels, each time a Mix is recalled.
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    Specifications Chart

    . QuadraSynthS4 ModuleQuadraSynth Plus PianoS4 Plus ModuleQS6 QS7 QS8
    Keys76 semi-wghtd No76 semi-wghtd No61 semi-wghd 76 semi-wghtd 88 weighted piano-action
    ROM16 MB 16 MB24 MB 20 MB8 MB 16 MB 16 MB
    Polyphony64 voices 64 voices 64 voices 64 voices64 voices 64 voices 64 voices
    Multitimbral16 part 16 part16 part 16 part16 part 16 part 16 part
    Audio Outs4 44 42 4 4
    Banks2 25 55 55
    Patches256 256640 640640 640640
    Mixes200 200500 500500 500500
    Gen. MIDINo NoYes YesYes Yes Yes
    DisplayBacklit graphicLCD Backlit graphicLCD Backlit graphicLCD Backlit graphicLCD Backlit 2X16 LCD Backlit 2X16 LCD Backlit 2X16 LCD
    Dimensions 48x14x4 Single Rack 48x14x4 Single Rack 36x11x3 1/4 44 1/4x 11x3 1/4 51x16x4
    List PriceN/A N/A$1,699 $1,099$1,099 $1,599$1,999

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