The Alesis QS6

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The QS6 is an even more affordable version of the QuadraSynth. With 61 velocity and aftertouch sensitive keys, 8MB ROM, Serial port interface (PC and MAC), 64 voice polyphony, and the powerful QuadraSynth Plus synth engine, it sure stands out from the under $1,000 synthesizer market. (Another bang for the buck from Alesis) The QS6 comes with a FREE CD-ROM , full of useful goodies. I compared it with the Roland XP-10 and the Korg XD5. The Roland has some interesting sounds, but it falls short on polyphony (only 28 voices), keys (no aftertouch), and user interface (I wouldn't call it very user-friendly). I kept it mainly for the fun arpeggiator and the GS soundset. I don't have the Korg any more, I personally didn't like the sounds. It has the polyphony, and some useful synth-sounds, the acoustic instruments were not so great , I couldn't use it for GM. Also (like the Roland) it lacks expandability. Only the QS6 comes with an expansion card-slot, and the ability to add any samples you like. Using Alesis' new Sound Bridge 2.0 software and any Mac or PC, the QS6 can write AIFF and WAV samples MIDI files and Program data to PCMCIA Flash or SRAM cards.

Alesis QS6 (view image)

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QS-Tips :

  • To test some internal stuff, turn on power while holding down 00 and 0

  • To reinitialize the QS6 turn on power while holding down 0 and 3.

  • You can use multiple drumbanks and assign them to different channels and use them even together with your G.M. drumset on channel 10 (this gives you cool options to pan some hihats or toms without trowing the whole percussion set to the left or right.....

  • The QS6 uses a very impressive sample set :

    QS6 CD-ROM contents.

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    Alesis Releases QS6 2.00 and Soundbridge Upgrade.

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    Alesis Serial Port Driver for Windows 2.00 (FINAL) 10/96

    Do you need a serial cable ?

    You can order one directly from Alesis, call : 800-525-3747. (Price : $14.99)
    If you want to make your own cable, here is the pinout for Mac and PC