Welcome to the Unofficial Home of Alesis Synthesizers.
This is an independent, user supported site, maintained by Les Winters.
If you have something to share, MIDI files, QS patches and mixes, samples,
QS- related info,or anything that might be useful to others, please email me,
and I will post it here.

The QuadraSynth site is 10 years old !
I started it shortly after I bought my first QuadraSynth.
Synth manufacturers didn't have web sites back then, and information was hard to find.
In those days the Internet was mainly CompuServe and AOL, and people tried to get answers
to their synth-related questions on the CompusServe MIDI Forum. I tried to answer as many
questions as I could, (see the Archives for some of the messages I saved).
Once I figured out what the Web was, and how it worked, I decided to create a home for QS users,
and the QS Pages (actually it was only one page) was born. Thanks to user contributions, the site
has grown into something useful (I hope).
I'm still a QuadraSynth owner, (I have a Plus Piano now),
and I still believe it's a great synth, so as long as I see interest, I will continue to maintain the site.
Comments, suggestions, and of course any QS related materials are always welcome.

Please visit my other web sites : SYNTHMAN, MIDIWORLD and the Classical MIDI Connection.

Les Winters

Alesis Andromeda Synthesizer