SBlive & cakewalk users, need help

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Posted by zurzu on November 13, 2001 at 06:57:36:

Hi all,
I'm all new to MIDI and have a problem, two actually,
I run Windows 2000+Soundblaster Live Value+CAkewalk+Roland JV90 synth

Firstly, i have put new instruments in bank 1 (through the sound font manager) bank 000 is occupied by the sounblaster Synth 8MBGSFX stuff. This works fine with the creative keyboard, ie i can play my bank 1 sounds without problems. However, when i try to access my sounds in Cakewalk, no way. I'm simply stuck with the standard bank, i cant choose bank 1 or get the sound of bank 1 into the cakewalk in the track properties window.Another funny thing is that after i have played around with Cakewalk, my sound font settings are back to default, in other words, bank 1 no longer exists, only bank 000 with it's default sounds. What's going on?

Secondly: i have been told that the i cannot use the internal patches of my JV90 in a sequencer like Cakewalk? in other words, the sequencer would only use the synth library of the SB and/or new soundfonts. this sounds really bizarre am i stuck with SB sounds?

thanks in advance for your help

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