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Posted by Zurzu on November 18, 2001 at 05:13:10:

In Reply to: Re: SBlive & cakewalk users, need help posted by Markku Mattila on November 15, 2001 at 03:54:26:

Im happy to say that you were right Markku! it's now working. However i have another newbie question for anyone out there.
I can now only have one JV patch in the cakewalk sequencer. If i add another patch in another track it just ends up being the same patch played in two different tracks. Changing channel i cakewalk does not work. So, can i only use one JV patch at a time in the sequencer? Doesn't the JV90 respond to multiple midi channels at once?I think that in performance mode i can have up to 8 (i thought i could use 16), however. If anyone has advice where i can get some basic practical infor about such matters, please let me know.

thanks in advance

: Hi!

: You have got totally wrong information! You can use Your JV90 in its full extents with the Cakewalk. There is many ways to work and get equipment up and running. If You want to select Your sounds in the JV90 from the Cakewalk, You must download instrument definition file for Your JV90 (get it from, and throw it in Cakewalk directory. After that, You import it to the program. Look for more detailed information from the Cakewalk online help. Off course, You don't need to use instrument definition files at all. Therefore, You can select Your sounds from the synth itself.

: I hope that this gave You a right direction!

: Markku Mattila

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