Re: Help. My Midi recordings from a sequencer never play back with the right timing.

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Posted by Les on January 28, 2001 at 03:29:41:

In Reply to: Help. My Midi recordings from a sequencer never play back with the right timing. posted by Bob on January 27, 2001 at 19:22:20:

This is rare on the PC/S, but occasionally you have to make some adjustments to COM port settings to match the port speed to the PC/S. Go to the Control
Panel|System|Device Manager. Open up the "Ports (COM & LPT)" list by clicking on the plus sign. Double click the COM port that youÂ’re using for the PC/S,
and click "Port Settings." Click the "Advanced" button, then lower the Receive and Transmit sliders one notch. Restart the system and try out the Portman
again. This should fix the problem, but one could experiment with different Receive and Transmit setting if the problem is only partially better.
I personally prefer USB devices, COMM ports can be difficult (impossible) to configure sometimes.

: I am using Voyetra's Digital Ochestrator Plus to record a sequence played back on my Casio WK1800. I am also using for my interface, Midiman's Portman PC/S (for a serial port, using an IBM ThinkPad laptop). I set both the recording tempo and playback temp to be the same. Then I click the "record" button and on the proper count, begin the playback. I can hear the recording metronome in perfect time with the playback... everything is going along smoothly... then the recording metronome just every once in a while slows just a fraction of a second, throwing the playback and recording out of sync. It's extremely frustrating.
: Has anyone experienced this? I do not know about USB and am wondering what the difference between USB and the regular serial (COMM) port I am using. Is this not a problem when using USB? IS there any thing I can do to solve my problem without changing hardware?
: Thanks in advance,
: Bob.

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