Help. My Midi recordings from a sequencer never play back with the right timing.

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Posted by Bob on January 27, 2001 at 19:22:20:

I am using Voyetra's Digital Ochestrator Plus to record a sequence played back on my Casio WK1800. I am also using for my interface, Midiman's Portman PC/S (for a serial port, using an IBM ThinkPad laptop). I set both the recording tempo and playback temp to be the same. Then I click the "record" button and on the proper count, begin the playback. I can hear the recording metronome in perfect time with the playback... everything is going along smoothly... then the recording metronome just every once in a while slows just a fraction of a second, throwing the playback and recording out of sync. It's extremely frustrating.

Has anyone experienced this? I do not know about USB and am wondering what the difference between USB and the regular serial (COMM) port I am using. Is this not a problem when using USB? IS there any thing I can do to solve my problem without changing hardware?

Thanks in advance,

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