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Posted by Scathach on August 16, 2001 at 06:50:26:

In Reply to: MIDI driving me nuts posted by Confused on August 15, 2001 at 17:33:09:

: First, im newbie in MIDI.
: I just cant get the MIDI working with my Technics SX-KN501 keyboard. As far as I know I should have everything connected right, midicable just goes to joystick port and Keyboard's IN & OUTput, this must be right ? Now Problem seems to be SBLive settings, MY MIDI "player" is SBLIVE!MIDI out [DC OUT] but there's 3 other choises too,A:SBLIVE!MIDI synth etc. which one I should choose ? none of'em seems to work.
: I quess I dont know much about MIDI so I probably have missed something critical but Ive read tutorials and still dont get started. I would like to know if other Technics users or any other midi users have problems with SBLive, any help is appreciated...

There are three drivers that you can use, MIDI synth A, midi synth b, and the creative sw synth. Make sure that your midi output in the soundblaster mixer is turned on. The sblive!midi-out driver is used to drive an external instrument, or to send midi data to another application, so if you are using that driver, you won't hear anything. Also I can't really be sure of your cable configuration. I assume that you're using a standard converter cable, and that you followed instructions. You'll need to have an application up and running in order to hear midi. A sequencer application or a midi utility will do. If you don't have a sequencer app, there's a freeware midi utility available over the 'net called midi-ox. I've found it quite impressive. Stay away from midi-yolk,(also freeware), though, until you're a bit more familiar with midi, as it can crash your computer if you don't know what you're doing.


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