MIDI driving me nuts

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Posted by Confused on August 15, 2001 at 17:33:09:

First, im newbie in MIDI.
I just cant get the MIDI working with my Technics SX-KN501 keyboard. As far as I know I should have everything connected right, midicable just goes to joystick port and Keyboard's IN & OUTput, this must be right ? Now Problem seems to be SBLive settings, MY MIDI "player" is SBLIVE!MIDI out [DC OUT] but there's 3 other choises too,A:SBLIVE!MIDI synth etc. which one I should choose ? none of'em seems to work.
I quess I dont know much about MIDI so I probably have missed something critical but Ive read tutorials and still dont get started. I would like to know if other Technics users or any other midi users have problems with SBLive, any help is appreciated...

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