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Warning ! Backup your User Bank before loading new patches !

Patches for the : QS, S4 , QS Plus, S4 Plus , QS6 , QS7, QS8, QSR and NanoSynth

QCard Extra Patches

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New ready-to-load Hammond B3 samples from Chris Papageorgiou !

The Ultimate QS Patch Library
Collection of nearly 3,000 QS patches, from 34 banks - by Chris Papageorgiou
Unisyn Format.
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    SYSEX Format.
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    QuadraSynth and S4 Patches
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    QuadraSynth Plus Piano and S4 Plus Patches
    • Mix, patch and demo for the QuadraSynth Plus Piano, from Graham Wignall
      This file is a mix and patch and demo... It's based on the suggestions made by DaveB at Alesis for getting resonant squeaky/farty noises out of a QS. In fact it uses both his ideas at the same time. It only really works for short (1/16th) notes, as the raw samples in the patch really only differ in the amount of resonance in the attack. But the idea works. Messing about with different samples should get some interesting results...

      BTW, it begs the question: if you select one of the velocity sensitive samples (e.g. FltSweepV1) does this just use one of the other FltSweep1- 7 samples, depending on key velocity? If so, it's a bit of a cheat...

    • New patches for the QuadraSynth Plus Piano, from Antoine W. Caron
      Here's some of my creations for the QS+. I chose to save and send them as separate files since there are only 7 of them. Of special interest is the "Tracgenp", which is an acoustic piano modified with the tracking generator to simulate a more muted tone on low velocities. Hope you like them. Antoine
      1. Bangbawc.mid
      2. Bluesgtr.mid
      3. Dynaoust.mid
      4. Marchoni.mid
      5. Multiloo.mid
      6. Procesgt.mid
      7. Tracgenp.mid
      (These patches are in MIDI format. Switch to Program mode, and simply play the patches to your QS+ one after another. They will go to the edit buffer, nothing will be overwritten.)

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    QS6 Patches

    • QS6 User Bank .
      (In case you accidentally erased your User Bank before backing it up)
      The same zipped for easy download.
    • QS6.1 User Bank .
      (In case you accidentally erased your User Bank before backing it up)
      The same zipped for easy download.
    • Alesis QS6 Program Patches from David Young
      The same zipped for easy download.
      QS6 Programs Saved in syx format thru Cakewalk. New programs are numbers 00 - 30 Many of them respond to the controllers/aftertouch etc so try them out -eg Number 12. Try singly and with chords and hold. More new programs will be added to these and a replacement file will be available. There are only 1 or 2 new mixes, if you can find them, but you may get some strange results on existing mixes if you load these programs. My favourites -00 Hold S -12 Rock Head Comments to Dave -
    Warning ! Backup your User Bank before loading new patches !

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    QS7, QS8 and QSR Patches

    • QS7/QS8 User Bank .
      (In case you accidentally erased your User Bank before backing it up)
      The same zipped for easy download.
      Same in MIDI file (.mid) format for those who don't have a sysex utility program or a MIDI sequencer capable of handling sysex files.
      This MIDI file will automatically transfer the complete user bank to your QS7, QS8 or QSR.
    As promised, here's my organ patches that I've been using for live performance. There are in both Unisyn and syx formats. The whole bank (all user programs and mixes) are included; here's a road map:

    Programs 00-29: performance programs, all organs are routed to auxillary out and effects are bypassed, non-organs are routed to mains and effects.

    Programs 30-43: duplicates of organs in 00-29 except outputs are routed to main and the effects are included (Mod Wheel controls lezlie speed).

    Programs 44-45: duplicates used by Unisyn to make my mixes.

    Programs 46-127: Stock QS7/QS8 User Programs.

    Mix 01-18: Mixes used in performance, mostly splits (12 is a triple split!). Note that these also have the organs routed to auxillary.

    Mix 19: Dup of Mix 12 except organs routed to mains and effects.

    Mix 48 (FunkyJLove): FunkyLove patch except polysynth substituted for bass program.

    Rest of Mixes are stock. Some notes:

    1. Note that the organs routed to auxillary won't appear either on the main outputs or in the headphone. Also, the volume slider won't control their volume (I use a passive footpedal volume control connected to the aux outs).

    2. Since I use FullOrgan (Program 28), quite a bit, its included on all 3 decades (08, 18, 28) of my performance programs. FullOrgan is meant to simulate all the drawbars pulled out. It doesn't use any of the controllers (except pedal 1 for volume) so that I can dial it up regardless of what I have A-D set to.
    3. Some other of my favorite patches include Keith's C3 (a stock patch except for the output routing) which is a killer solo patch and OddDrawBars, which has controllers A-D mapped to the 16', 5 1/3', 2 2/3', and 1 3/5' drawbars. The latter program gives a reedy sound that is perfect for solos in more laid back tunes.

    -- Jeff. Jeff Fried (Volt Computer)

    NanoSynth Patches
    Factory banks in sysex (.SYX) format : Additional factory banks (.SYX) List of all the programs in the NanoSynth, QS6,
    and the extra QEssence program banks included with the Nano and the QS6.
    (from Dan Halbert)

    UNISYN Library (.ULB) of all the programs supplied on the NanoSynth CD-ROM.
    I made this for myself a few weeks ago. It's the union of the NanoSynth, QS6, and QEssence programs. When there was name duplication between the NanoSynth and the QS6, the patch is identified as coming from the NanoSynth. (Ideally I would have labelled patches coming from more than one place with multiple origins, but I didn't think of it at the time.)

    The NanoSynth and the QS6 have identical sets of basic sounds, so these programs can be used on either. It's a pretty impressive set of programs to work with.
    Dan Halbert

    Qcard Extra Banks:
    Vintage Keyboards extra banks in sysex (.SYX) format :