Samples, Patches and Card User Guide by Chris Papageorgiou

The B3 Samples

This is an information page about the first 8 ready-to-load files, I send to the QuadraSynth Pages.

The file are:

These 8 files contain 4 Hammond B3 organ sounds, in 2 versions each: one with slow Leslie fx and one with fast Leslie fx.

So,, is B3 instrument #1 with fast leslie fx and is B3 instrument #1 with slow leslie fx.

These are multisamples ready to open via Sound Bridge and load in a Flash Card that QS user must insert slot A. I remind that QS receive data from Sound Bridge only thru slot A.

Please don't forget to download my Guide for Card Users for more information about cards and loading samples.

I just want to remind that for loading samples thru Sound Bridge we prefer to use the Serial connection as take the half time than the classic MIDI IN/OUT connection. For example, any of these 8 files, needs about 4 min to load with serial connection and about 8,5 min with MIDI IN/OUT connection.

  • First unzip the files in a directory (better use a separate directory for each one of the zip files to avoid puzzle the samples).
  • Then turn on your QS synth, check if the MIDI connection is OK and load Sound Bridge.
  • From menu "Project" select "Card info..." and set the size of your flash card.
  • Then go again to menu "Project", select "MIDI setup..." and set the MIDI connection that you use (serial or Midi in/out).
  • Then press Ctrl+D and from menu "File types" select "Instrument Files (*.ins,*.sbi,*.sc1,*.sc2)".
  • Find the INS file you prefer to load in card, in the hard disk, and double click it or click it and press the button "Add".
  • Then press the button "Done". Now the file added in the Sound Bridge window in the folder "noname". You can double click the folder name to change it and make it for example "MyOrgn" or something similar and you can double click the file name to change it too.
  • When all OK, press the "Send" button and after 4 minutes the B3 is load in the card and ready to play.

I also send the file "B3_Patch.syx" to load it into QS User bank and use it to build new programs based on the instrument(s) you just loaded.

Its just an example patch. Of course, after loading the samples in the card you can make your own patches. Or you could just use other QS organ patches and just change the samples and make it use the samples from the card and not from the internal memory. Use software that can send syx files to synth, open this small file and load it into QS (I used Cakewalk 9).

After loading the new instrument in the card, press the button "EDIT", go to option "VOICE" and then select Page 3 called "Group". After the last Group of samples, you'll find the name of the new sample group with the new instruments inside. Also look manual about this, if you are not familiar.

Do the same thing 3 times, for SND1, SND2, and SND3 (snd4 is OFF).

You done it? Ok, now press store and play your keyboard. You hear a fresh and nice B3 hammond instrument.

These files come from free web sites (you can find 100's thru the web) and i put them in order (i mapped them) with the help of Awave 7. After that, i saved them as INS files and here they are.

Maybe someone could say that in an 8MB card fit only six instruments, so, why these are not smaller? It is simple. I didn't want to send a lot of files that sounds poor but a few ones that sounds good and realistic. I think that someone who use B3 organs will be glad with these sounds. The purpose is, these instruments be used by users who need them and not just for fun (maybe someone who got free time to load them would like to use them too). These instruments are big, because they use enough number of samples to sound realistic and also every sample is big enough avoiding heard as false.

I hope QS users will enjoy these instruments. Of course, thanks to Les Winters who always support any help to QS users and accepted to post these at Quadrasynth Pages.

I've collected a lot of single samples thru web and I could make them INS files ready to load, too. Anyone who read this document and have an instrument preference could send me an email at

and I'll try to make it. For example write: Hi, I would like a dance loop file or a Moog sample or a Pad sound etc. if these sounds will be a lot I could upload them to any of these free web space sites like "Freedrive", "I-drive" etc.

Chris Papageorgiou

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