Here is the description of the sounds that you will find in these banks.
There are no mixes, only up to 128 programs in each one.
Bank name Type of sounds
Bass_syn.syxSynth Basses
Brssxhrp.syxBrass ensembles - Solo Brass - Sax ensembles - Harps
Bsacchps.syxElectric Basses - Acoustic Basses (and Splits with Electric or Acoustic bass only on the left hand) - Accordions - Harpsichords
Chrhrmpi.syxChromatic (Vibes-Xylophones-bells etc) - Harmonica - Pipes
Chrom_fx.syxChromatic FX (Any Chromatic or Hit sound that sounds more synth or FX )
G_pd_eth.syxGuitar (Steel, Classic) - Guitar Pads - Ethnic Strings
Guitelfx.syxElectric Guitar - Guitar FX (Guitar sounds with that strange something else inside)
Orgn_ham.syxOrgans (Hammond Soft, Hard etc)
Pacelsyn.syxAcoustic Piano - El. Piano - El. Piano+Synth Piano
Pad.syx Pads
Pad_spad.syxMore Pads - Synth Pads
Psnpadcr.syxPiano Pads - Synth Piano
Spad_vin.syxMore Synth Pads - Vintage Pads
Stings_1.syxString Ensembles - Solo Strings
Synattvn.syxSynth sounds - Synth sounds with Attack - Synth sounds with Vintage feeling
Synth_fx.syxSynth FX (Patches that makes strange atmosphere)
Vintage.syxVintage Synth
Wood_sax.syxWoodwinds Ensembles - Solo woodwinds - Ethnic woodwinds - Solo Saxes
Drum1.syx109 patches
Drum2.syx128 patches
Rythm1.syx127 patches
Rythm2.syx99 patches