Restoring User 00 multitimbral while keeping downloaded piano patches?

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Posted by Greg Smith on October 07, 1998 at 16:00:03:

Total Innocent here. I downloaded the wonderful piano
patches from Sam Streeper's page (thank you, Sam) and
managed to blunder my way through installing them in my
QS8 user bank using Freeloader. Since I mostly use my
QS as a tool for learning how to play piano, I'm 99.99%
happy all the time. But every once in a while I fool
around with connecting a PC-based sequencer to it :-(

First question: I seem to have blown away my Mix User
00 multitimbral mode. Mix User 00 now seems to be
one of Sam's piano sounds. Am I right, or is multitimbral
mode just hidden in there somewhere?

Second question: I think I could blunder my way through
using Freeloader to restore the factory User bank to
get back the multitimbral if need be, but I'd like to
keep some of Sam's piano sounds. Is there a way to be
selective about poking patches into certain slots,
maybe using a different tool than Freeloader? It's
not obvious how to do it with Freeloader. Looks to
me as if it's all-or-nothing in Freeloader.

Thanks in advance.


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