Re: Restoring User 00 multitimbral while keeping downloaded piano patches?

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Posted by sam on October 19, 1998 at 00:11:34:

In Reply to: Restoring User 00 multitimbral while keeping downloaded piano patches? posted by Greg Smith on October 07, 1998 at 16:00:03:

: Total Innocent here. I downloaded the wonderful piano
: patches from Sam Streeper's page (thank you, Sam)

You are welcome!

: First question: I seem to have blown away my Mix User
: 00 multitimbral mode. Mix User 00 now seems to be
: one of Sam's piano sounds. Am I right, or is multitimbral
: mode just hidden in there somewhere?

When you blast the user bank, you get 128 new patches and 100 new mixes in the User bank.
You probably want to create a custom user bank with your favorite patches and mixes. I use Unisyn from the QS8 CD to do this; there are 3 or 4 other programs you could find through this site that could do this too but Unisyn works well for me.

Copying favorite programs to a new user bank is really easy. You have to be a bit more careful with mixes that the mixes still refer to the correct programs, particularly if those programs came from the user bank which may be different.

By the way, the Alesis CD contains all the factory banks (and a bunch more) in both Unisyn and sysex (for Freeloader) format, so there will be no problem grabbing what you liked from the old user bank. Good luck!


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