Re: Restoring User 00 multitimbral while keeping downloaded piano patches?

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Posted by Darryl on October 14, 1998 at 16:12:09:

In Reply to: Restoring User 00 multitimbral while keeping downloaded piano patches? posted by Greg Smith on October 07, 1998 at 16:00:03:

I'm a new QS owner and did exactly the same thing. I restored the banks from the CD and bought a SRAM card. Let's see - I'll next save the User banks to the card, upload the piano patches to my user bank, etc, etc.
- Darryl

: Total Innocent here. I downloaded the wonderful piano
: patches from Sam Streeper's page (thank you, Sam) and
: managed to blunder my way through installing them in my
: QS8 user bank using Freeloader. Since I mostly use my
: QS as a tool for learning how to play piano, I'm 99.99%
: happy all the time. But every once in a while I fool
: around with connecting a PC-based sequencer to it :-(

: First question: I seem to have blown away my Mix User
: 00 multitimbral mode. Mix User 00 now seems to be
: one of Sam's piano sounds. Am I right, or is multitimbral
: mode just hidden in there somewhere?

: Second question: I think I could blunder my way through
: using Freeloader to restore the factory User bank to
: get back the multitimbral if need be, but I'd like to
: keep some of Sam's piano sounds. Is there a way to be
: selective about poking patches into certain slots,
: maybe using a different tool than Freeloader? It's
: not obvious how to do it with Freeloader. Looks to
: me as if it's all-or-nothing in Freeloader.

: Thanks in advance.

: Greg

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