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Posted by J. Martin on June 19, 1998 at 06:15:08:

In Reply to: Piano sounds of QS8 posted by Dave Luhta on June 18, 1998 at 22:53:51:

I found modified piano patches in the Links page on this site. I loaded them into my QS 8 and they sounded much worse than the stock sound. I suggest that you search the Software and Links sections on this site. Maybe you might like the patches that other people have developed.

I guess I'm curious if you tried tried the QS 8 at the store. Did it sound good there? Does it sound good at home through a good home stereo? I only play mine at home and I think it sounds very good (but, I am a guitaist and just started playing keyboards).

I wonder if Alesis did the developmental work through an expensive, high fidelity sound system? How much work was spent at Alesis for live use? Maybe very little. Maybe the QS8 was designed mainly for direct recording? I wonder about all the new powered keyboard speakers. Are they high fidelity?
Have you tried going direct into the mixer?

I have a friend who had a similar problem as you. He eventually switched back to a Korg because he felt the piano sounds were better. But, you have to consider the sound, mixed in his band, with his playing style, through his kind of powered speakers, etc. He said the QS 8 piano sound worked good at home but failed at the gig.
Instead of working on the live sound at his gigs, he simply exchanged the QS at the music store for a Korg. The store made the exchange no problem.

If the other piano patches you find don't work, try this - play the QS 8 through the best home stereo you can use. If it still doesn't sound good, then how could it ever sound good live with keyboard or PA speakers? Of course this would not apply to organ/synth sounds. Didn't Keith Emerson play through Marshall cabs? Dirty can be good, just not for a piano.

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