Piano sounds of QS8

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Posted by Dave Luhta on June 18, 1998 at 22:53:51:

Hi all in this forum,
I am looking for help with the piano sounds on the 8. I use it in a big band and some rock work, through a Roland KC-500. I really like this board and all the cool sounds and tons of stuff, but I can't get a good piano sound out of it. It is odd cause the lower register is soo good and the treble is so ghastly. And when I push the volume it really gets hideous. I was embarassed last night at a big band gig. What gives??? I bought the piano card and the piano sounds are just more bad treble. They are all the same in a basic bad way.
It is partially that I am a classically trained pianist and came to this music and electric baords late in life, but I really like it all. The rap techno card is the coolest thing.
Can anyone help with the piano sounds? Amp problem maybe? I just don't know.

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