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Posted by Dave Luhta on June 19, 1998 at 16:35:15:

In Reply to: Re: Piano sounds of QS8 posted by J. Martin on June 19, 1998 at 06:15:08:

: Maybe you might like the patches that other people have developed.

: I guess I'm curious if you tried tried the QS 8 at the store. Did it sound good there? ...

: Maybe the QS8 was designed mainly for direct recording?
: Have you tried going direct into the mixer?

: He said the QS 8 piano sound worked good at home but failed at the gig.

Hi J Martin. Thanks for the input. I will try the patch search adn see if I can find them and download them and then figure out how to get thim into the QS. I have it midi'ed into the computer now cause I like to use Band in a Box sometimes. I will search for a patch.
I tried the board in the store but mainly bought it on my son's reccomendation. He is a jazz pianist and plays boards only when he has to and then a Roland A-90. He reccomended the QS-8 to me cause it is light and has a decent action for rhythm section work and powerful sounds and effects.
But I think you are on to the crux of the matter about the board being for direct playing and not really for live. Plus I am playing it live with all natural instruments and I am the only electric. I have played it in a rock setting several times and I never had a problem. I bet that is it! It is sounding bad with the horns and everything. It is a 20 piece band.
I will search for patches. Anyone out there have a fine piano patch for the QS-8. One that won't come apart when pushed loud live?

Dave L.

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