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Posted by The Feet on May 12, 2002 at 18:17:59:

If there are any fellow musicians out there who use Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 or Sonar you will find the audigy a BIG dissapointment! Look in your Audio HQ, Midi Tab, you'll see a "Not Mappable" beside reverb! Yet Chorus IS mappable to the standard CC #93!!! Creative's developement team made a MAJOR BOO BOO kids!!!! What good are sound fonts to musicians when you have to load the damn things up in vienna and MANUALLY adjust the reverb level on a patch in your font just to see how "wet" you want that saxaphone to be when it's mixed with the rest of your tracks?? When standard GM/GS modules have had support for Midi Control Change #91("REVERB SEND-LEVEL")(NOT "MASTER/GLOBAL LEVEL" for those who are about to respond to this post without doing your MIDI homework) What a joke! You would think with all the power of soundfonts and THEY EVEN implemented CC 93 for chorus but left THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT control change for musicians/recording engineers(reverb) out! HAHAHAHA! I been Ripped off again!!!! Yet Creative's OWN website has reviews with screenshots showing the audigy doing something IT DOES NOT! Look at these sites guys! If you are a musician using Cakewalk I challenge you to look into this problem!

(Fire up yer AudioHQ, Click Midi Tab, drop your mouth in amazment at the "Not Mappable" beside "Reverb", scratch yer arse and say "I been screwed again!")

I personally own FOUR SBLive! cards and upgraded to the audigy this week because of THESE screenshots at the sites below! NOW I'M REALLY PISSED because this card is NO BETTER THAN the SBLive cards in this regard!!! What kinda musician wants to have ONLY a "global reverb level control" for recording with sound fonts?? So they are saying what?? If I want reverb on that saxaphone track i HAVE TO have it also on the bass track cuz the card wont accept individual reverb-send-levels on separate midi tracks like ANY midi sound module on the planet has had the ability to do for years!??? WHAT A FREAKIN' JOKE!!!!!

If anyone has been able to get Vienna or Audio HQ to show "CC 91" instead of "Not Mappable"(as shown at the following URLS) PLEASE HELP! I'm running Windows XP.
Were the screenshots at the following sites taken on a Win98 machine with Win98 drivers or something??? Cuz I cant see anything but "Not Mappable" where you SHOULD be able to assign a MIDI Controller Number for "Reverb-Send-Levels" on midi tracks! ARRRRRGH!!!!!!!! Sorry for the sarcasm! I'm obviously VERY frustrated after buying what seems to be now, FIVE useless cards from Creative for recording!

Looky here kids! :
(scroll to bottom screencap, notice vienna showing "CC 91" assignable, I HAVE YET TO BE ABLE TO EVEN SEE this screen in Vienna! Can you find this screen? LOL)

(this site is one that shows the old SBLive cards being able to map CC91 to reverb! Yet I have NEVER been able to see anything but "Not Mappable" in AudioHQ on any of my machines running Sblive! either!!!)

Think I'll rush out and buy the NEXT Creative Labs sound card?....NOT!

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