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Posted by Les on February 27, 2007 at 18:25:00:

In Reply to: The mysteries of midi (gulp, i'm a guitarist) posted by dave T on February 27, 2007 at 12:02:36:

There's nothing wrong with your old synths, all of them can be very useful to produce some great sounds.
Add an FX box and you're all set to make music. I still much prefer working with real synths and samplers over the "soft" stuff.
To make all these work with Cubase you'll need a multi-port MIDI interface, (chaining them all into a single MIDI input just won't cut it).
They will not magicaly appear in Cubase, you need mixmaps for that. Some of these are probably available on the web,
and you might have to write your own as well. It's not that complicated and makes your life easier.
You will also find lots of samples for the Akai S2000 on the web.

: Hi all...
: I'm sure that this has been asked many times (by other guitarists probably).

: I have a PC running Cubase, and i've got it all running nicely. Recording analogue (old school) stuff & also using various VST instruments....

: I use an old Evolution 249C (M-Audio)controller keyboard as my VST controller connected to my PC via a midi-cable into an M-Audio 10/10LT s/card....

: OK, your either bored by now or i've done such a bad job of explaining things that you've given up!!!!

: Right! I've also got some old gear flying around such as Yamaha TX81Z, Akai S2000, Proteus 1 etc (ehhmmm. real quality stuff). Given that the controller only has a midi-out, how am i supposed to connect/cable the rack gear....

: I guess that someones bound to say 'stick with soft synths' but i'd really like to know/understand...

: I guess that once cabled they will magically appear in Cubase?

: Thanks in advance for any help...

: Cheers

: Dave
: Wild/welsh & thick as sh*t!

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