Electribe Jog-Dial midi sync??? PLEASE!!!

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Posted by Audio Out on November 08, 2006 at 04:41:52:

I have an Electribe EMX, SX and ER. Also a MicroKorg.
I'm making a liveset but have some problems with flexible play. I'm using most of my time dialing the patterns on all machienes instead of alting sounds and parts.

I know that every controle on Electribe EMX and SX is sending data that can be synct up with other machiens. BUT!

I've changed the midi-filter settings to receiving and send data on al 4 machienes and nothing happens. The only machiene that seames to be transmitting and changeging dial data is the MicroKorg when I put in master with the ER1 model. (the electribe then emidiatly jumps to other patterns like clockwork. So they are receiving changes right?)

What am I doing wrong? are the machienes supose to be on a same chanel or something, is the dial connected with a midi-channel? Can someone explain the basic rules of button sync.

PLEASE. Any ideas OR thoughts someone???

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