Mozart's " A LIttle Night Music"

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Posted by Dan Stone on November 05, 2006 at 00:16:16:

I took Bob Fisher's "A Little Night Music" (English translation, since my German sucks) by Mozart, and ran it through SynthFont to create a WAV file. Then I normalized it and added slight reverb and stereo separation effects, and remastered it to an MP3. I think the final version sounds pretty good (it's not the New York Symphony, but still), and it's my favorite symphonic piece.

As a disclaimer in the comments section of the MP3, I put:

"No copyright claimed on this work. Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. MIDI arrangement by Bob Fisher. Synthfont recording and digital remaster by Dan Stone. Mt. Vernon Synthetic Orchestra only exists on Dan Stone's computer. Enjoy!"

Is that sufficient to be able to give away the final MP3, or do I need permission (for personal use only) to do so? Further, should I rephrase the wording above? While I know this is a Public Domain piece, I don't know if Mr. Fisher is claiming a copyright on the MIDI version. Hence the question...

Thanks for your time,


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