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Posted by Tom on October 04, 2006 at 11:33:28:

I'm going to take what has been previously mentioned in other threads, but add in my setup questions too.

I just built a DAW and am having some setup issues. I have an EMU Audio Card, Cubase SX3, VSTs from East/West (etc) and an Alesis Synth. Everything has been installed, but perhaps I missed some setup because I can't use my synth nor get the sounds to consistently sound.

The synth is being used solely to input data into Cubase and Sibelius/Finale - I attached the MIDI out of the synth to my audio card's MIDI In. No sounds come from the VSTs (synth power is on).

The other issue slightly mentioned is that my VSTs aren't sounding. I'm guessing it's a setup thing, but not sure where to look first. I do have MIDI Yoke as a Virtual Midi cable too.

If someone can help that would be great, as I need to compose for a project soon!

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