Can't make Roland XP10 work with Windows XP

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Posted by Janet Snare on September 30, 2006 at 15:42:18:

Can anyone help me? I have:

Roland XP10 keyboard connected via an Edirol USB Midi interface (UM-1EX) to a PC running Windows XP Service Pack 2. I get no input into PC whatsoever when I play the Roland XP10. Have used MIDI-OX to see if I'm getting any raw input from Roland XP10. I'm not. (Have also tried using legacy Digital Orchestrator Plus software on PC, but no success there either, lately).

Months ago, using Digital Orchestrator Plus, the software briefly showed I was getting some input from the Roland XP10, however, it was very short-lived because an error message flashed (said something about 32-bit application not being able to deal with 16-bit application, or visa-versa). Then my PC crashed completely. Since then, I have not had success in getting any MIDI input into PC. I even tried rebuilding BIOS of PC.

My PC configuration is (under Control Panel>Sound and Audio Devices>Hardware it says):

SoundMax Integrated Digital Audio
Audio Codecs
Legacy Audio Driver
Media Control Device
Legacy Video Capture Device
Video Codecs

(the Control Panel says all devices are working properly)

Under the Audio Tab of the Sound and
Audio Devices dialog box, I have:

SoundMax digital audio for the playback
default device

SoundMax digital audio for the sound recording default device

Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth as the MIDI music playback default device

Any ideas? I've tried everything I can think of?

thanks for your help,

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