How to hook up a Yamaha MIDI device.....

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Posted by tgg on September 26, 2006 at 17:00:54:

OK i have a kinda old hp computer windows 98 with the built crystal sound chip. Now I'm trying to help my cousin he has a yamaha model DD-55 digital percussion its one of those drums thing with those black round pads you hit, it has built in speakers. Now what needs to be done to be able to hook up this i guess you call it MIDI device to the computer and be able to play it through pc speakers and if possible to be able to record your beats or sounds to the harddrive and even burn it on cd's.

Also how do you go about connecting this cable wise to a pc? On theside of this yamaha theres a MIDI out and MIDI in what do those mean?

Thax for your help.

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