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Posted by Chal7ds on September 09, 2006 at 18:13:09:


I need some MIDI technical assistance, as I am a beginnger in MIDI. I'll start off by telling you what I want to do, and then maybe you guys can point me in the right direction...

Ok, here's what I want to do in a nutshell:

I've recorded some songs in Fruityloops (software sequencer/recording program). Now, I want to be able to use the vocal FX in the mixer that I used in those recorded
songs, in a LIVE application situation. I have a laptop with Fruityloops installed, and I want to run my microphone & preamp
through my soundcard into FL's FX mixer channels at certain intervals throughout the song to get the effects on I want
on my voice through the output of the PA at those certain 'set' times. Now, what I have to do this so far..'midi controller'-wise, is a Akai MPD16 (which has a ridiculous manual of only 5 pages of basic startup, and no programming explanation) so my question is, can this unit be 'programmed' somehow
to be sequenced at the beginning of the song, and once the play button is hit, it follows a midi sequence map/file of when to
know at what times in the song to switch from 1 channel (vocal FX channel 1) to the next channel? (vocal FX channel 2) and so on?
Obviously all my 'IN' settings for each of the FX channels would be set to my soundcard's corresponding mic input, so that
each time the MPD16 switched channels, those effects would be heard through the speakers. I understand what needs to be done,but I'm just not sure how to program the MPD16 or if the MPD16 can even do this?!? if it can't, I need help or direction as to what
piece of equipment that would allow me to do this. Any suggestions or knowledge on this subject would be great!



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