No MIDI output from Proteus

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Posted by Turbo on June 10, 2006 at 00:37:15:

Hi; I can't generate any MIDI notes from my Proteus using Cakewalk and an Audigy soundcard. I've got it to work before but now I can't seem to. Here's my setup:

MIDI Out of my controller synth into MIDI In on adapter
MIDI out of adapter into MIDI In Audigy
MIDI out of Audigy into MIDI A In Proteus
Quarter inch stereo cables from Proteus into Y connector on Audigy.

The only MIDI input ports in Cakewalk are SB Audigy MIDI I/O

I have NO idea which ouputs to use as there are many of them. I CAN'T get Proteus to play any MIDI! Any help?

Also I did import the Proteus 2000 into Cakewalk too.

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