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Posted by rudy on May 24, 2006 at 07:05:21:

In Reply to: M-Audio Keystation Pro-88 midi controller posted by Jan on May 08, 2005 at 15:01:54:

: Alot of midi power for a noob to handle;-)
: use together with a Tascam US-122
: experience with this keyboard or setup is always welcome.
: Especially for Reason 2.5 at the moment
: How to properly setup...I got started but it al turns out to be somewhat randomly lucky parting from the build in presets on Recall 04 and 05.... so yeah its great to see those sliders move ...
: ...but what about my own assignments... some help would be appreciated...
: I do can read a manual in english (natively dutch) but get all tangled up with the channels , ins, outs, ports, 0-127, LSB/MSB etc..
: somewhat more concrete would be helpfull;-)
: It would be a sin to waste all those MIDI features.
: Nothing else to do then to dig into MIDI heavely.
: but with some help I get there quicker
: Grtz, Jan


did you ever figure out the sequence. I am having the same issues. what i have found out so far, is you need to send a lsb and msb change to your synth along with a another code of some type. i think i understand what needs to be done, just do not know the key sequence to do it. hope you have had better luck than i have.


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