MIDI help - PSR-47 + USB Interface problems

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Posted by Emma on April 15, 2006 at 20:43:12:

Hi there,

If anyone can offer some advice on this it would be greatly appreciated.

I'm trying to set up an old Yamaha PSR-47 as a MIDI controller for virtual synths in Pro Tools (Mac OSX). It's not GM compatible, but I don't see this as being a problem since I only want to transmit the MIDI and won't be needing to use the onboard sounds.

This is what I've done :

On the PSR-47, I've turned the Local Control to OFF (disabling onboard sounds) and have selected the transmit channel to channel 1 and the receive channel to channel 2 (but won't be using this).

My Pro Tools hardware has no MIDI ports so I'm using an M-Audio Midisport Uno USB interface.
I've connected the PSR -47's MIDI OUT to the Midisport's MIDI IN and the Midisports MIDI OUT to the PSR-47's MIDI IN and its connected to my Mac via USB.

The Midisport interface is showing in the Mac's AMS facility that it is connected and working properly as it was recognised and displayed in blue. In the MIDI Devices tab I've made the necessary connections (PSR-47 OUT to Midisport IN and Midisport Out to PSR-47 IN) and in the properties tab of the PSR-47, I've set the transmit and receive channels to 1 and 2 respectively.
When I click on the 'test set-up' it shows that there is a problem. The icon turns into a musical note and when you click on the MIDI OUT triangle on the Midisport interface it turns red as it should, but no sound is heard (you should hear a couple of notes on the keyboard - I did switch the Local Control back to ON for this). When you click on the MIDI OUT on the PSR-47 the triangle does not turn red and again no sound is heard (apparently you should hear a beep from the Mac).

I'm thinking it's perhaps a problem with the PSR-47, it's either that or I'm completely missing a step in setting up the hardware or the virtual connections in AMS.

Has anyone else had problems with the PSR-47?

I hope somebody out there can help and apologies for the long winded explanation!



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