MIDI programming and hardware doubts

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Posted by Celestie on December 14, 2005 at 14:03:49:

Hello there.

I am doing a project to send MIDI message out from my computer in Visual Basic. I use MIDI Mapper in my programming. For the hardware side, I am using the MIDI TX pin on the game port of my sound card. I managed to get to hear the note sounded when i execute my program. However, when I tested on the game port pins, no changes are made even though I am sending out different notes. It remains +3.3V on MIDI TX pin. Why wouldn't the MIDI TX pin changes?

So, for my case, does it mean that hearing a note played in my program doesn't mean that the MIDI message has output to game port (MIDI TX)?

Also, on the control panel side, the MIDI Music Playback option, Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth is selected instead of MPU-401. This is because, if MPU-401 is selected, no audio sound can be heard at all when a music file is played. Is this setting correct?

Please advise.


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