Thoughts on midi controller for laptop?

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Posted by trelgor on November 19, 2005 at 06:17:48:


Not really a technical issue, but I´d really like some help from people with experience of a laptop - midi controller setup.


Can´t seem to decide what midi controller I really need. I´m going to use it to control laptop softsynths, trigger samples, record vocals, guitars, etc. I might be working in Cubase.

First I was almost decided on a Microkorg because it has both Midi and Synthesis. Then I thought, hell I don´t need the synthesis, I´ll only use softsynths anyway. So I thought: maybe a MicroKontrol!

Then I hesitated because why not go for a total solution with a external soundcard/midicontroller thingie, and put some of the computing pressure outside the laptop...

So my question now is which controller do you think is the most versatile/practical for a laptop?

Do you think Firewire would make any difference as opposed to USB on a laptop? My laptop only has firewire without bus-power.

I´m thinking maybe the M-Audio Ozonic now because of the firewire... But I really like the little drum-pad on the Microkontrol...

I have an Acer 1.6 centrino laptop and a digigram VX440 PCMCIA soundcard. But I think I´d like to put the soundcard outside the computer instead.

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