Loved the AWE-64 gold, how to get equivalent or better music from modern computers?

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Posted by ElvishWarrior21 on July 16, 2005 at 02:33:45:

I've used a Sound Blaster AWE-64 Gold sound card for the longest time and have been very impressed with the quality of the musical instrument reproductions. I've used Voyetra MIDI orchestrator Plus for composing MIDI files. Only thing is that I need to be able to do the same or hopefully better on a current computer. I'll probably be building one and was thinking of using a motherboard with an ISA slot just to take the AWE-64 Gold, but just read that it may not be supportable in XP, which is what I'd be running. Wish I knew exactly what made the quality of the AWE-64 as good as it was, whether it was hardware or software.

Basically I'm looking to know what hardware and software would make an equivalent or better computer based synth. Looking to do orchestral compositions that sound as much like the real thing as possible. Hoping to mix them with voice and other sounds as well, ie into soundtracks for movies, but one step at a time. Been looking at a current Voyetra offering and a version of Cakewalk at the computer stores.

Any help would be great!

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