Midi daisy chain issues?

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Posted by Andre on July 04, 2005 at 00:33:31:


I have a soundblaster card 5.1 daisy chained to a Korg ER and Clavia Nord lead 2. Its all being used for midi on SOnar XL. The problem is the other day I was recording seperate drum and Keyboard tracks on different channels and it was working fine and just yesterday It can only transmit and recieve the keyboard channel and will NOT record any drums now. I have triple checked the midi set up and back tracked on things I may havb=e touched but I am not sure what to do. Also when i hit the keyboard keys its playing the Korg drum sounds. The midi out on the keyboard is going to the computer and the midi out form the computer is going out to the drum machine.

Why wont my daisy chained drum machine record anything on Sonar XL?

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