Need help setting up, GZ-1000, JV-880, MMT-8

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Posted by Drake Woods on April 29, 2005 at 06:45:06:

If anyone can help me get started, I would be very happy. I haven't done anything with midi in about 10 years. My friend before moving away(along with his studio) gave me his GZ-1000 keyboard. I've finally decided to start building a little studio of my own. Like his, I have a JV-880, & I'm getting an Alesis MMT-8 sequencer, since I was familiar with those back then, but, I never used the GZ-1000.

We used his Roland Juno-1(atleast I think that's what it was), so this keyboard, is deffinitly different. I have no idea how to get my board to send a signal to the JV-880. I have it daisy chained correctly, & am gradually reading thru Basic Midi, which was recomended to me, but, I haven't figured out just how to play a note! Also, I have a midi in, & midi out on my PC, but I have yet to get it to recieve any sound. The volume is all the way up on the midi in play control, & I "think" I have it correctly connected to the module.

The first thing though is, just being able to push a key, & hear sound. I'm a very untechnical person, but, when it comes to music, I can be really creative. And am signed up to eventually be the main composer for a video game team called Frozen Utopia, which make Turbo Grafx CD games, but, I can't start making any music, until I get this all settled.

So can anyone help me?

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