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Posted by Northerner on March 22, 2005 at 17:48:50:

I have a Casio 1200WK keyboard, I also play multiple guitars, bass, mandolin and flute, pan flute and chanter.
I'm looking to play and record into a computer environment.
I have a fair grasp of the theory behind things and have a computer with Sonar1, Reason 2.5 and both of which I have a theoretical understanding of but have yet to use because I don't have my midi up and running.
My computer has an Audigy Platinum fx card 24bit so I'm pretty much ready to go. I have a Boom Mic system in my studion and my instruments either have pickups or could be mic-ed. But what I really need is a Mentor familiar with this type of home studio set up willing to help and give me advice over the internet.
1 Do I need a mixer board
2 How do i get General Midi on my casio up and running with my computer and recording software. (I do have midi cable and a midiman midi program
3 How do I use my casio's GM to make it a midi controler so I can use the soft syths in Reasons.
I have lots of question which may seen simple to a master but to me they are standing in the way of getting up and running.
If you patience please send me an email ASAP so I can start learning.


Thanks in Advance

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