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Posted by Andrew Turner on February 16, 2005 at 08:29:19:

I have a bit of a complex problem. I have a 3.4ghz P4 with a digi001 and a terratec phase28 installed on it (the 001 ASIO drivers are rubbish!). I use the phase28 for recording audio from other apps into pro tools. My problem is that i want to use the Arturia Minimoog as a free standing instrument but to be midi-controlled by pro tools, this is so I can sequence in pro tools and then record the audio back into pro tools (V.5.3.1). The minimoog registers the 001 midi channels AND the phase28 but no matter which one I use, the minimoog does not register any incoming midi message.
Please, my midi knowlegde is not great so if an angel out there has an answer for me, please use layman terms.
Much appreciated!!


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