MIDI Channeling Problem - Two patches at once - ARGH!

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Posted by Pete on February 11, 2005 at 02:42:33:

I have two tracks set up in Cakewalk Sonar. Each track is assigned a
separate Channel, Patch and bank. My keyboard is set to "Out 01"
(the Alesis equivolent to Local Off) When I play (the synth) on
Track 1, i hear the correct patch. However, when I play on Track 2,
I hear both the track 1 patch AND the track 2 patch. Any subsequent
tracks will give me that particular track's patch along with the
track 1 patch. I can record, on each separate track, but I still get
the problem as I'm recording, ALTHOUGH, when I play back track 2
alone, it just gives me the track 2 patch (which is what I wanted to
happen in the first place) It's only a problem when I'm physically
playing the synth. The input (in Sonar) is set to omni. If it's set to anything else, I get no sound.

Does anybody have any advice at all?? I'm really frustrated. Thanks
in advance!

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