alesis 6.1 and roland rs-9 midi setup

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Posted by Brian on December 15, 2004 at 00:37:59:

Hi there. I have already posted this in QS forum. Sorry if I'm not suppose to double post. I hope someone there can help me. I would greatly appreciate any help. I have some midi setup that I'm completely stumped on. This is most like a newbie questions but here it is...

I have alesis 6.1 and Roland Rs-9. I'm using Rs-9 as master. I have connected midi out from Roland to midi in Alesis. I am in performance mode in Roland and MIX mode (set to Solo mode from global setting) in Alesis. This set up allows me to use Roland as master and be able to use Roland's "part arrow key" to select from channel 1 through 16. I'm trying to use each sound in a sequential order. Is there a way to use Roland as a master and be able to physically change channels on Alesis so that when I'm physically playing the Alesis, I can hear that patch change as well?

For example, let's begin by having both keyboard channels start on channel 1. I'm moving the part channel from roland by selecting up to channel 2 now. I have channel 2 set to "flute" on Alesis and I
set Roland on part 2 to receive midi channel 2, I hear flute on Roland when i play on Roland + whatever sound i have set on Roland. However, if I play alesis key, i hear channel 1 of alesis sound.
How can set this so that I can physically play flute on alesis when channel select is swtiched on roland? Also, I may not want to hear flute when I'm playing roland but would just want the channel switch so that Alesis can play the flute. Sometimes I would want the flute to play on roland if I wanted to blend in with roland sound. I would like to be able to do both at the same time if I wanted to.

The way I have set up, I'm only able to blend in the sound using the roland and alesis by physically playing on roland but not able to physically play roland and alesis and obtain independent sound.

Good example would be playing lead solo on alesis and playing pad on Roland and this set up would be done by switching channel via Roland part channel select.

Is this not something that is possible? I have read both manually over and over on midi sections and I am still

This is not easy for me to explain clearly as I have a very limited understanding of MIDI. If you need further clarification please let me know. If anyone possibly give me some step by step explanation as to how to set this up, or offer some pointers...

Thank you in advance.

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