SB-16, MIDI interface?

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Posted by Orage X on April 10, 2002 at 13:50:41:

I have a friend who's dealing with a MIDI External Module (don't know the name nor the brand). He had an old computer (a 486) with a Roland Mpu-401 Interface card. Now that he have another computer (a 133mhz) he want to plug his Midi Module on his SB-16, I want to know if the SB-16 have an MIDI Interface.

I use the strict minimum driver for his sound card because he dont have an CD-Rom so I dont know if by installing the full drivers from the Diver CD I will get the drivers for the MIDI Interface.

Please tell me if the Sound Blaster 16 have a MIDI Interface, if not tell wich Sound Blaster have it!

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