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Posted by Sundeep on April 10, 2002 at 01:40:04:

Hi, I've messed around with Rebirth and
Fruity loops, and I know how to decently play keyboard. I want some actual hardware now but after doing research, I'v overwhealmed with the amount of information on hardware equipment out there. Basically all I want right now is a 3 or 4 octave fully weighted keyboard that hooks up to my pc (I have a Diamond Monster MX300, but I'm willing to upgrade the sound card to accomodate better hardware for now or the future) so I can make music. Basic necessary features for making multi genre music (pop to electronic) and with the ability to manipulate vocals would be plenty. Nothing that'll cost a fortune - if possible I'd rather get something used for my first purchase. Any recommendations? I appreciate any words of wisdom!


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