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Posted by IamY on April 01, 2002 at 00:50:35:

I am a veteran musician and veteran computer tech, but new to the MIDI world, a convergence of my disciplines. Hopefully, someone can give me a few shoves in the right direction here. I have been composing with Magix MIDI Studio software, which has been frustrating, at first I thought because of my own limitations, but now am beginning to think I am not using the right software. What I want to do is find out how to take my raw MIDI tracks, and create audio files, .wav or .mp3, whatever. There are recording capabilities incorporated into my software, however I have had no luck in making things work, and the documentation provided with the software is ambiguous at best. I am a smart guy, and do not believe things are as difficult as they seem with what I am attempting to do. ANyone out there with a few spare moments, help me out.....this is part of my daily life (writing, creating) and I am hitting a bottleneck. Any help is much appreciated.

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