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Posted by Les on February 23, 2001 at 02:54:36:

In Reply to: Please help me to connect them posted by ASM on February 20, 2001 at 11:40:02:

The best way to connect 2 MIDI devices to a computer is a 2x2 MIDI interface.
(See the link below for an example)
If you decide to go with one MIDI port, try the following hookup :

Roland MIDI THRU to Computer MIDI IN

When you want to play the Roland sounds from the keyboard, and when
using the computer sequencer, set the QS to OUT1.
Check your PC Multimedia settings, see if external MIDI is enabled. (Control Panel).
Also check if your sequencer program is set to use external MIDI instead of the soundcard synth.

: HI All,
: THese are the pieces i need tohook them up.
: 1. Roland Xv 5080 module
: 2. QS 6.1(keyboard)
: 3. Pc pIII
: 4. Audio Logic Platinum 4.5(sequencer)
: Im new to all this...ANyway, i have tried to hook them up.
: Im using midi cable. From Qs midi in and midi out to the sound card port at pc.
: I was told that this act as the midi interface. IS that true?
: THen my module midi in to the midi thru in QS.I this is something like daisy chain
: but im not sure if thats the right connection.
: ANyway, i can't get any talking.
: Logic is playing the demo, sound coming out from the pc speaker.
: But when i try to play QS as a controler, using roland sound,
: Im not getting any sound or midi signal in neither roland nor the logic.
: Looks like PC is not getting message from QS
: n ROland is not getting message from QS.
: WHat could be wrong here?
: ONe quick qeustion. In this case should i put midi out:OUT in QS???
: COUld it be the set up in the QS??OR do i need and interface?
: please help.. im really lost.
: ANyone who helps will be greatly appreaciate.
: THanksss.

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