Frustrating RS-5/SONAR/AWE64Gold problem !

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Posted by Eren G on March 31, 2002 at 04:35:51:

Hi All,

I'm having the strangest problem ever. My MIDI setup is the Roland RS-5
connected to my Soundblaster AWE64 Gold card's joystick port and
Cakewalk SONAR as the sequencer.

RS-5 plays the Midi files and sample cakewalk files perfectly
but when I try to play on the keyboard (local control:off) or record
anything to the sequencer I get random notes, stuck notes, random
patch changes and a whole bunch of other chaotic stuff. It's really
bad. So I called up my friend and he brought his Yamaha CSx
keyboard . when we hooked it up to the computer it worked fine. So I
thought there was something wrong with my rs-5, but then we
controlled the sounds on the yamaha csx with my roland rs-5 through
the computer and it worked fine too. So there is nothing wrong with
the send or receive (midi) functions of my rs-5 but there seems to
be a "personal" problem between it and SONAR. I have tried to use it
with finale too and it gave me the same problem ( random patch
changes, stuck notes, random notes, no sound etc. ).

If anyone has heard of , lived through or seen anything like this
please let me know . It's beginning to get really frustrating.



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