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Posted by Stefan Hahn on March 26, 2002 at 12:28:31:

Hi out there,

I consider buying a Behringer FCB-1010 to use it for live performances.
Unluckily the original intent for this thing is guitar amp and effetcs control, but I want the following setup:
I got a Doepfer LMK2+ Masterkeyboard, want to midi it into the FCB-1010, from there to my Yamaha P50M (set to channel 1), from there into my GEM Equinox (on channel 2).

I think this way (using the FCB midi merge) I can play on my Doepfer sounds on either channel (this works reliable today) and send the midi control data (performance and effects changes for both Equi and P50, volume for P50 and Equi etc.).

Now the questions:
a) Does anybody have experience with a similar setup?
b) Does the midi merge function of the FCB work reliable?
c) Is this setup reliable for live gigs (I am on stage quite often)?
d) do I need to consider anything in addition (clock settings etc.)?

Thanks for all your help!


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