Choppy MIDI playback

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Posted by Chuck Hays on February 25, 2002 at 13:58:51:


When I play MIDI files, the output is out of time. It sounds like the computer just can't keep up - the songs speed up and slow down unpredictably. The computer can play full screen video with no problem, and can record/playback .wav audio tracks flawlessly - but every midi file seems out of time with itself.

This happens when I use the onboard sound card for playback, a Creative PCI64 for playback, or an external sound source via either of the soundcards or via a USB midi device.

When I got the computer it had Windows ME, so I blamed the problem on that. I upgraded to XP and still have the problem.
I've replaced all the RAM and still have the problem.

The motherboard is a VIA k133 chipset, could this be the culprit?

Any help appreciated.


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