knobs remapping

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Posted by George F on February 17, 2002 at 20:11:24:

I would like to ask about Midi message handling.

I have a variety of synths.One of these,the Yamaha An1x ,have 8 knobs trasmitting MIDI infos.I checked the output ,using MIDIOX and saw some Control Changes transmitted.The value of any of the knobs was in 0-127 range.

In other words ,if there was a way to change the "Control Change" code to "Volume" code IDs ,then the An1x would rerally be great for MIDI Remote.This synths has 8 knob parameters group,and MIDIOX shows that each setting produces a different MIDI there are 8 modesx8 knobs=64 controls for!!!

For the programmers out there.All would be needed for this is to process the MIDI string properly.Just changin the ID (or whatever it is called) byte ,from Control Change to Volume change or to whatever you need !!!!)
I suppose it is some kind of maping
Is there any way to do this in Cubase ? Or any other way ????
Please note there are plenty of synths feauturing knobs transmittting MIDI messages.In fact one of my other synths ,also sports knobs.For example EMUs Audity2000 ,PlanetEarth,XtremeLead all have 4 knobs with 3 modes.EMUs Proteus 2500 have 12(?).

Imagine using an 8 or 12 knobs synth as MIDI remote .....

Any idea..????

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