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Posted by Les on February 08, 2001 at 01:58:03:

In Reply to: MIDI posted by Bobby Croppy on February 05, 2001 at 00:56:11:

MPU-401 means that your sound card is MIDI capable, so you don't need any MIDI interface (except for the MIDI adapter cable, which I assume you already have)
Make sure you hooked up the cable right (MIDI IN to MIDI OUT and vice versa).
Then go to your Control Panel, select Multimedia, click on the MIDI tab, and see if external MIDI is listed there.
It may be called something else, if you tell us what you see, we can tell you if it's there.
Next you have to select the external MIDI IN/OUT in the music software you're using.
Once you're done with all the above, the system should work. If not, check your keyboard settings, make sure it
is set to send and receive MIDI.

: I have been reading a few messages about hooking up MIDI.. I am having a problem getting my keyboard to input. have a MICRON millenium XKU Computer with a YAMAHA OPL3 SA MPU 401 SoundCard
: I was told I might be able to use my Joystick Gameport as an input source for plugging in my Radio Shack MD500..
: I just am not able to see any input going to computer. I use CubasisVST and Microsoft Midilab.. Any suggestions?? Do I need to purchase an Interface??
: Thanks Bobby Croppy

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